The Tenba BYOB 10 is a small insert pack that I purchased a couple years ago and have been actively using when my camera gear was not the only focus and bringing a “camera specific” bag was not needed. The size of this is perfect to fit my essential camera gear and keep it safe while stuffing it into a standard backpack (or an EDC pack with multiple everyday useful items like I prefer).

Tenba BYOB 10 Review

I can easily fit my Sony a7ii with kit lens, the 70-200mm OSS, and a wide angle lens along with a few batteries. There are plenty of pockets around the exterior and an additional pocket on the inside flap which are all great to keep everything organized and tidy. The build quality is top notch with quality materials, there have been no signs of wear or abuse even after 2 years of use which I find impressive!

Below is a video review on the pack for more details and a closer look!