5 GREAT videos for travel photographers

5 GREAT videos for travel photographers

I was spending some time on YouTube the other day and found a few great videos that I felt were worth sharing to you guys. Most are geared towards travel photography but they can all be very informal for anyone looking to brush up on their skills or even just spark a little more motivation to get out there and shoot!

The first video by COOPH is a short and sweet travel tip guide. It has a handful of great ideas that us travel photographers should be utilizing. Go ahead and hit that little play button and enjoy!


The next video is from the same YouTuber and demonstrates composition skills that most seasoned photographers all already have drilled in their heads, but it’s a great video for learners or to just freshen up the memory bank.


Most all of your travel photos will be taken in natural light, I found this video by the Advancing Your Photography channel to be very informative and a great interview with Bob Holmes on the subject of shooting in natural light.


Here is another general tips video that I feel is worth a watch. These tips can be applied to your travel photos for a much more interesting visual story. Created by Professional Photography Tips.


Lastly, Im sure a lot of you travelers will be enjoying the night sky at some point of your adventures! It will be good to have an understanding of Astrophotography for when that sky is filled with stars and the milky-way peaks over that mountain top and you want to capture it’s beauty. This video by Nick Page is a great intro to what you need to know when shooting the night sky.


Well, thats all I have for you today! Im sure by now you have found a bazillion more interesting videos on the side bar that’s about to consume the rest of your day, oops!

Comment below and let me know what inspiring or great videos you have come across, Id love to give them a view. Thanks!



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