About Cody Woodworth

I’m 29 years old, born and bred in Virginia, USA. I’m a calm, clear headed and well rounded human being. My main passions are photography, design, and being creative in general. I studied Digital Art & Design in Florida, before living and working in North Carolina for a few years. Now, I find myself in South Africa. I love living on the adventurous side of life through travel and exploration with my beautiful wife Shay and baby son Bo. We plan to spend our lives roaming around the world, taking our time at each destination and venturing to the next as we please. Through blogging and working remotely from our computers, we hope to experience the beauty and heritage of every corner of the world.

I am also the photographer / web designer for our food blog Living Chirpy! Shay is a great cook with a culinary background and knows how to use it! The blog has many simple, fresh, and healthy recipes that are super delicious. (Trust me, I know)


Our home in the United states is a 28′ Tiny House on Wheels built by Shay, my Father, and I. It was an amazing experience to dream, design, and build our first home, and we can take it where we please! This will be our home base while in the states. We plan to build something small in South Africa as well as our second home base so we have something to “go home to” when ever we visit each family.

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