Second Born

The day we became a family of four! The story and experience of our home birth in South Africa for our newborn baby, Ben.

2 Months In Vietnam

Follow our adventure in Southeast Asia as we explore DaNang and the ancient town of Hoi An, Vietnam.

First Born

From a newly married young couple, to the start of a fresh growing family. This is the story of our first born son.

We Got Married!

The big day! Our exciting elopement session in Asheville followed by a retreat in the woods, and a trip to Disney.


It didn't take long for me to know, this was something different. Something special. Something rare. Something to NEVER let go.

The Start Of Our Story

The year I met my wife was the year my life really started. Cody 2.0 was installed and running. I was living and working in Orlando, Florida as a Realtor...