Bring your camera: Downtown Durham

Bring your camera: Downtown Durham

Bring your camera: Downtown DurhaLast Sunday we drove to Durham, North Carolina to see the great Brit Floyd Space & Time Continuum show. It was absolutely amazing and if you are a Pink Floyd fan, you should really think about going if they do a show within your reach. We arrived about an hour before the show so we decided to walk around the American Tobacco Campus just across from DPAC where the show was.

I was debating on whether to bring my camera (with the need to come back to the car to drop it off before the show), or just leave it and not worry. I was leaning towards the latter, but that little part of me remembered that I should always bring it because you never know what is out there. So I did. Sure enough, we walk around for less than an hour and I find multiple photo opportunities that were quite interesting.


Lunch Downtown Durham


Hauling the camera back to the parking garage before the show started was well worth the extra effort for getting a few great shots to add to the portfolio. This was also a good example to remember that it’s always worth it to keep a camera around because you never know what is around the corner.


Durham Train


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