First Born

The days were getting closer and closer to Shay’s due date. We were starting to think our baby will arrive before the completion of our tiny house. We worked hard day and night to finish up before the big day came. 

Even being close to 9 months pregnant, Shay worked alongside us like a CHAMP – just as hard as the previous 6 months back to the beginning of the build. She was tired but determined to have our home ready for the new addition. 

We finally completed our dream build on Nov 23rd, 2016, and it was ready for the first pull to its new location in Holden Beach where we would say. All of our blood sweat and tears had now paid off and we were living in our very own tiny home!

The original due date was around mid-December. We were getting more and more anxious each passing day exceeding the mid-month mark. Our little baby was comfy and not ready for the new world yet. But on December 28th, Shay finally started feeling contractions! 

The big event was getting nervously close, we were counting the time between contractions and waiting it out. When the time had come, we set off to the hospital to check-in and see how things looked. 

Shay was close, but still had a bit of waiting to do. 

That little bit of time turned into almost 2 days of pain, exhaustion, and anxiousness. Bo finally made an appearance on the 30th, and we were as excited as we were tired. He was a healthy …lb and …in boy. 

The most amazing part of the whole experience was when he was first laid down on shay’s chest. This calm and aware little baby with big blue eyes looked at each of us, trying to take in the new world. 

There he was. Our first addition to the family. A new world. A new life. Ready for the adventure that will unfold in front of him. 

Not long after, we were released from the hospital. We brought our little guy home to the newly built tiny house and settled in. A new chapter to our story had just begun.

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