Lightroom’s Dehaze tool for more than just haze

Lightroom’s Dehaze tool for more than just haze

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Dehaze toolRecently added to Adobe Lightroom is a great new feature called the Dehaze tool. What does it do? Well, it can reduce (or add) atmospheric haze in your photos. This is great for photos where strong haze is present and needs toned down. But thats not all it is good for, I have been using this tool for just about all of my photos now and I love it!

For the majority of my photos, I have been bumping up the Dehaze slider 10-20 percent or more as well as slightly adjusting the exposure slider. What this is doing is creating a bump in contrast and clarity to my photos, giving it just that little extra POP that I like to see. Below is a before and after example using the Dehaze tool to enrich the contrast and overall feel.

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It is also a useful tool for those who shoot nightscapes and love catching the stars. High ISO settings are usually needed to capture stars in the night sky which also leads to a significant amount of noise. Heavy noise reduction is a must for editing these types of photos along with other adjustments, and now we have just one more tool to really help with pulling that rich deep sky back for an overall more appealing photo.

Stars Dehaze

The Dehaze tool has definitely become one of my major choice adjustments. Next time you are in lightroom, pull up some of your older edited photos and pump up the Dehaze a little and see how you like it. You can also enhance your black and white photos for a more dramatic feel.

Let me know what your experience is with the Dehaze tool and what uses you have found for it, I would love to hear!

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