My EDC CB “Everyday Carry Camera bag”

My EDC CB “Everyday Carry Camera bag”

The best camera is the camera you have with you right? Well even with that being said, I sure hate seeing a shot and only having my iPhone handy. I’ll end up kicking myself in the butt for being too lazy to haul my gear around. So to solve this without feeling like the whole camera bag has to be lugged around, I created my EDC bag focused on my camera gear.

EDC bag woods

I wanted an easy to grab, compact, and versatile bag. Something for my camera and other useful items. I searched around and found the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack, though not a “camera” bag, this small pack ended up being perfect for what I was trying to accomplish. I added some padding to the bottom for lens protection, mounted my Peak Design CapturePro Camera Clip to the side for quick camera access, and the Pedco UltraPod II Tripod slid right between the MOLLE webbing on the other side. The front large pocket is good for pens, hand sanitizer, flashlight, bug spray, and various items. The main compartment houses any extra lenses I decide to have with me while the small top pocket I leave open for extra storage.

EDC bag

This set up has worked great for everyday use as well as when I want to keep it compact for hikes or walks. I used this for the first time in New York (See NY post here). We walked over 10 miles both days we were there and I didn’t have any issues, I was able to quickly swing the bag around for access to the camera and any gear needed. One advantage of the sling bag that I didn’t think about until it came to use was being able to sling it to my side or front when in the cramped subway conditions. There was no need to take it off my back!


Building this bag was a great way for me to keep my gear close at all times. Any bag can be used as a camera pack with a little modification, don’t be caught without your camera!! Please feel free to share what you have come up with in the comments below.

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