Peak Design Slide Lite Vs. Black Rapids RS-5 Strap REVIEW

In my video I talk about the Peak Design Slide Lite vs. the Black rapid RS-5 Strap

The Black Rapids RS-5 strap was my go-to strap for quite a few years, but I have recently switched to the Peak Design Slide Lite. In the video I explain why I made the switch, but the biggest reason was to downsize (yes, even with a strap!). The Slide Lite also has fast adjustability and you can configure it in multiple ways on the go whether you want to use it as a sling or around the neck. Both are great, but the Peak Design takes the cake for my needs and what I want out of a small and versatile strap.

This is my first of many video reviews and I hope you find it helpful! I would love to hear your feedback on the straps if you have used them, Thanks!

You can purchase or read the great Amazon reviews on the Slide Lite HERE  or the Black rapids RS-5 HERE!


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