Second Born

After discovering Shay was expecting, we made our way back to South Africa from Vietnam to spend the remainder of the pregnancy in more comfort while having access to the right medical care and checkups.  

During the second ultrasound, it was a clear image that the next baby was going to again be a boy! 2 brothers. 2 years apart. Though we were hoping for a girl, we were excited and now had to prepare for the new life change. Luckily, we already had plenty of clothes from Bo – So he didn’t need much.  

For this round, Shay decided to go with a home water birth. This was a much different experience from the first baby. The doctor and midwife were on call and ready when we were.  

5:00am, December 18th, 2018. Shay starts taking medicine to help induce labor in hopes to have new life in our arms before the end of the day. The Doctor arrived late morning to check how things were progressing. Shay was feeling contractions, and showtime was getting closer and closer. The midwife shows up a little later and helps shay along with comforting exercises and breathing techniques.  

The afternoon rolls around and everything is progressing nicely. The Doc predicts shay should be expecting within the next hour, so he suggested we get the bath going. Not long after settling in the bath, things start to heat up and contraction intensify. It was clear that little Ben was ready to exit the womb and enter the world!  

The midwife coaches and comforts Shay as she goes in and out of heavy contractions while I stand anxiously at the bottom of the tub ready for the catch! Before we knew it, Ben was making his way out! With the doctor’s help, I cradled our newborn, lifting him out of the tub and handing him over for close motherly comfort.  

At and …in we had a beautiful healthy little boy. The home birth was an amazing close and emotional experience.  Something different from the more traditional hospital birth of our firstborn. The best part is, shay could clean up from the bath, crawl right into bed, and feed Ben in the comfort of our own home. No need to check out and leave! 

A little later that evening, we introduced Bo to his new little brother. From that day on, we were now a family of four! New dynamics, new challenges, new experiences, and a new page in our life’s journey has just started. Where will it take us? We may not know now, but we do know whatever happens, and whatever we do, we will grow our family with love, compassion, open minds, and adventure.  

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