The life you dream can happen – and it’s all on you!

Whether you imagine yourself exploring the world with a backpack, hitting the road “van-life” style, slow traveling in an RV, building a homestead off the grid, or any other dream – we all want the ability to free ourselves from the lifestyle we grew up assuming was the only way.

What’s exciting about the time we live in now, is that it’s more probable than ever to work towards a new way of life. Anyone can do it, but the key is, to WANT it bad enough – To take ACTION.

Live The Life You Want

Most people are stuck in the rat race thinking that having a 9-5 job, a car, a house, and a stack of bills is just how life is. This is how our families live, our friends, and everyone we know. So who’s to say there is any other way to do things? Well, guess what, there is. Life can be whatever you want it to be, however you want it to be. It doesn’t happen by winning the lottery or making a wish that magically comes true. If you have a dream or an idea, it takes effort, planning, motivation, courage and many other things to bring it to life. But the reward of all the hard work (just like with anything) will pay off and you will be living a life that you never knew you could! BUT, you need to realize that the only way this can EVER happen is just by starting. Take your idea and start developing it into a reality.

You may fail at times… No wait, you WILL fail at times. But that is part of the growing and learning. You NEED to fail a little to come back stronger and wiser. So don’t be afraid to start because of failure. Embrace it, use it as a tool, and keep going.

One Day or Day One – You Decide

Our favorite saying is one day or day oneyou decide…. This is such a powerful quote. You can go on about “one day this” and “one day that”, but I can guarantee that “one day” will NEVER happen unless you take action.

Day one doesn’t mean the day you start traveling (or whatever your desire is). Day one is the day you decide you’re going to MAKE it happen. It’s the day the planning and organizing starts. It still may take months or years to actually grow your wings and fly, but this is how you get there and this is how you end up on the other side of the world and realize “WOW! look how far I’ve come”. It can happen…. It WILL happen… If you just DO IT!

So how can I make this possible? Simplify your Life.

Most people have way more than they need and don’t even realize it. Take some time and evaluate the things that truly matter. What can you not live without? What can you sell or get rid of? Minimizing your clutter is an uplifting and refreshing feeling. It’s also a great way to keep your motivation levels high! See below on some tips to help simplify.

  • Downsize your house/apartment (downsize your rent cost).
  • Minimize your bills. This can be a hard one. Some you just can’t get rid of, but try your best to at least narrow it down as much as you can. (Cancel those subscription services that you can live without!)
  • Stop spending on unnecessary things (Do you really need the newest phone or another pair of shoes?) Even buying snacks and small items all add up over time. The more pennies you can save, the quicker you will get there (as well as forming better spending habits)!
  • Making payments on your fancy car? Sell it, buy a cheaper one you can actually afford or find other means of transportation.
  • Student loans are a hard one to deal with if you already have them but it’s not impossible to manage. I have student loans that are included in the monthly budget and we still make it happen. If you haven’t gone to college yet, check out my opinion on this topic HERE.

Simplifying your life and lowering your expenses is a wonderful thing. But here is something else that comes at great importance. This might sound obvious, but many people really don’t understand it. MONEY.

Get Financially Educated

Most of us have the wrong mindset about money, and most of us don’t know how to deal with the money in our life. We need to change our relationship with money, and the best way to do that is by financially educating ourselves. A book I highly recommend (a must-read to be honest) is called YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE. This is a great start for heading in the right direction. Another great resource is

Earning An Income

Being free to live or go wherever you want still requires a way to make money. Earning an income remotely is critical for making all of this happen – and it’s not as hard as you may think. Yes, It will take time to build, but the growth all depends on how determined you are to make it happen. There are so many great tutorials, videos, and information on the web to get you started in the right directing. Spend your time learning instead of scrolling social media or going out all the time.

Ways to make money remotely

  • Blogs and Vloggs
  • Ecommerce sites
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Photo editing
  • Youtube
  • Freelance
  • Micro Jobs
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Art (see this post for more about this topic)
  • Or even working from home with the job you currently have. Many companies are becoming more open to the idea of remote employees. (here is a post more on that)

Living your dream life

It won’t be easy – nothing good ever is. Situations will change, issues will arise. Things will NOT GO AS PLANNED. But keep a level head, adapt, and push on!

It’s an amazing and rewarding feeling to be financially independent, location independent, or simply free from the norm. If you’re ready to see some new scenery, nobody is stopping you from going wherever you want! You are in full control. Just make sure you keep a balance between work and play. Don’t slack on what you’ve worked so hard for – keep the ball rolling.

I hope this has inspired you or opened your mind to new possibilities. This is not a farfetched idea, it’s real, and many people have taken this path in life. If this feels like something you want, and I mean REALLY WANT, then what are you waiting for? The time is now – good luck on your journey!

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