The Start Of Our Story

The year I met my wife was the year my life really started. Cody 2.0 was installed and running.

I was living and working in Orlando, Florida as a Realtor while Shay was working as a Chef in the Keys. When our paths crossed we both realized there were deep unexplained feelings that THIS was something different. Something more. Something meant to be. As our time together continued, so did our feelings and our connection towards one another.

Since having a bit of distance between us, we had to plan trips to see each other. In a short period of time, we made multiple visits between Orlando, Miami, and the keys.

We didn’t have much time due to Shay needing to go back to South Africa once her internship was over, but that didn’t stop us from continuing our relationship – It only meant BIGGER TRIPS!

It didn’t take me long to make the journey across the ocean to her home county. I spent 2 weeks visiting her family and seeing amazing new places including the Kruger National Park and Cape Town. Spending time together was all I wanted – Sadly, I needed to go back to the US, without her…

Over time, we continued to grow our relationship from a distance and made plans to get her back to the states so we could be together. We settled on a little sub 400sqft garage apartment in Wilmington, North Carolina – We were physically together, finally. No distance between us.

This was the beginning of the next amazing chapter in our book – Happy, In love, and ready to build an exciting future together!

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