We Got Married!

After all of our legalities were sorted, Shay was once again able to return to me in the states after months apart. Back together and more excited than ever – We had big plans for our future together. 

We decided Eloping was best for our situation since our families were from two countries, and they wouldn’t all be able to make it to a wedding. Plus, we liked the simplicity, and it kept more cash in our pocket for more worthwhile spending. 

Asheville was where we settled on having the elopement. We loved the vibe, outdoor activities, and mountainous geography. On April 26, 2016, we gave our commitment to each other standing by a small rocky stream bed which runs through a beautiful local park. 

After the I do’s, we finished up the event with a walk through the park accompanied by our professional photographer to document the special day. 

From there we wrapped things up and were ready to make our way to The Red Stag for a final celebration feast. 

Following our elopement was a week spent in a rustic hillside cabin in the woods just outside of Asheville. Aside from our relaxation, we toured the interesting local areas, did a treetop challenge, and of course, indulged in some delicious food. 

Our time in the mountains came to an end, but the excitement didn’t stop there. We set coarse south to meet up with Shays mother and sister for an additional fun-packed week at Disney World. 

With all the time on our hands, we were able to stride through every section of each park, plus a trip to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. By the end of the week, we were happily exhausted. 

It was time to say our goodbyes to Shay’s mother and sister as they flew back to South Africa. After, we worked our way back up to Wilmington to settle down in our cozy little apartment. 

Before our excitement had time to wear off, the next adventure was just around the corner. Our dream of building a tiny house on wheels was just about to become a reality as our custom built trailer was ready for pick up! 

And the story continues…

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