Weekend Camp Adventure

Weekend Camp Adventure

We almost didn’t go camping this weekend.. ALMOST! It was beautiful all week, then rain hits Friday with chances on Saturday too, BOOOO. Mother Nature was working on ruining our trip to connect with the sticks an hour and a half north, but after debates and glaring at the weather app we decided to go and make the best of it!
4runner wagon fun


We ran into a little rain here and there but it only added to the adventure and fun while having really great weather in-between the downpours. We cooked a steak directly on hot coals and some foil wrapped seasoned veggies which turned out tasting like a million dollar meal, seriously! Slap your steak right on the coals next time you do a camp fire, you wont regret it.


Camping Hammock relaxing


The only less than desirable time was Saturday night when the temperature dropped lower than expected. Freezing our butts off was not what we were hoping for on our last night and we were not prepared for it. I crawled out of the tent at the crack of dawn to get the fire going again for some warmth and to make some warm tea. One of the more exciting moments where sitting by the fire at night and listen to two owls hoot at each other in the treetops above us. Getting out of the city and into nature is a rejuvenating and peaceful experience that my fiancé and I both enjoy very much and hope to have many more chances this year to get back out to the woods!


4runner smoke lightrays


Marshmellow Smores fire



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