You don’t need University – and here is why.

You don’t need University – and here is why.

Ten years ago, going to college seemed like the only way into a successful career. Fast forward to now, and my opinion is much different. I will explain why I believe the college route isn’t for everyone and shouldn’t be pushed as the best way to get anywhere in life.

Heres a little backstory

My passion is graphic design and photography. I was introduced to a school for creatives called Full Sail University in Orlando Florida. The Digital Art and Design degree looked very enticing and right up my alley. We planned a visit to get a better understanding before making any decisions.

We toured around the state of the art campus and talked with administrators. They informed us after getting a degree, the career team would guide you to get a job in the business, easily make six figures, so on and so on. This all sounded great and we dove right in.

Through-out the scholastic journey, I learned a lot and was introduced to new programs and creative tools. I graduated with a 99.5% attendance rate, a GPA of 3.5, and a little paper with the words “Bachelors of Science in Digital Art and Design”. It was a good experience overall and I was excited to jump into the world to start my career.

The career department helped me set up a resume as well as search for jobs. I sent my resume to dozens of places but wasn’t having much luck. The market around Full Sail was so saturated with designers that it was incredibly tough to even get an interview with a company – so I moved back to my home town. While there, I was sending out dozens of resumes as well. The problem I was running into now was not having the “experience”. I ended up settling for a $13/hour job at a local vehicle wrap graphic shop to start. From there I worked my way up to $15/hour, and by that time the loan companies were ready for their money back. And what I mean by that is, they needed $900 a month. This was a struggle with making $15/hour. It forced me to continue living with my parents until a better paying opportunity came around.

A couple of years went by and a few changes, but I was still struggling to find a job that would pay more than $15/hour even WITH a few years of experience under my belt. I also observed most of the classmates who I stayed in contact with were in the same situation. Not being able to find suitable jobs, not able to move out of their parent’s house, and some ended up working completely unrelated jobs – All due to an overpriced and under promised education.

Throughout this whole experience, I have learned a lot of things – and many that I wish I could go back and change. Education is imperative, and it will guide you to grow and build yourself. But I’ve realized you don’t need a university degree to be successful.

Alternatives to college

In an industry like mine (and many others), there are thousands of tutorials and training videos on the web (free and paid), along with affordable online courses. If you are passionate about something, put your focus to it and research the hell out of it – learn as much as you can online. You will advance yourself and slowly start building up a portfolio or plan.

There are also many online communities to push yourself and connect with like-minded people. Networking sites such as Linkedin, Facebook groups, Meetup and many others are all great options. Network with people and make friends who share the same interests and motivation – this is how you start getting noticed and opportunities arise. All this can be done with dedication and without a full-blown university education. That little piece of paper that I have on my wall has not once made a difference in my career, which is sad considering that it costs about the same as a house payment for the next 15-20 years (yikes).

To wrap things up

I’m not saying that a degree isn’t worth it for everyone. If you plan to become a doctor, lawyer, scientist, etc. you don’t really have a choice but to take the traditional route, and that is perfectly fine. But for some of us, the future is at our fingertips right on the web and if you want something bad enough, you don’t have to sign your life away with a mountain of loans.

Learn online, join groups, network, get the experience. In the 2-4 years time it would take to get a degree, you could already have a network of connections and years under your belt. Best of all, no heavy student loans weighing you down.

I wrote this article in hopes that I can open the minds and bring awareness to anyone who’s in need of guidance on their life choices after High School. You are not a failure or a bum if you don’t go to college – you can make something of yourself. You can follow your true ambitions in your own way. Get pumped and get to learning! (By the way, read THIS article for more inspiration on a similar topic). Best of luck!


The path I’ve trekked down in life has lead me to be a digitally creative individual through graphic/web design, photo-editing, and especially photography. Other interests of mine are music (guitar), minimal/simple living, and the outdoors.

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