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Hi, Im Cody

I guess you could say my life is a bit on the unconventional side.

The path I’ve trekked down in life has lead me to be a digitally creative individual through graphic/web design, photo editing, and especially photography. Other interests of mine are music (guitar), minimal/simple living, and the outdoors.

Photography has become a way of life for me. Specifically in the travel category – which encompasses a mix of landscape, nature, street/candid, fine art, and wildlife photography. 

I have found traveling and exploring new places to be quite the adventurous thrill which expands my knowledge, my understanding of the world, and my soul. Capturing my experiences through photography is the natural way to share and remember my journey.

Living Life Our Way

My wife and I both work remotely. We’ve put a lot of effort into our individual endeavors to live a life on the opposite side of the standard 9-5. With our location independent income streams, we have the ability to slow travel for as long or as little as we desire . This gives us great opportunity to dive deep into the culture, geography, and food of the various locations that we stay. It also allows us to split our time between her county (South Africa) and mine (USA).

Dive A Little Deeper

Photo Editing Services

I edit photos for busy photographers – helping speed up their workflow and delivery to clients. 

Living Chirpy Food Blog

Looking for some tasty & healthy recipes? Visit our food blog for gluten-free & sugar-free meals

My Wife Roché

Illustrator/Wife/Momma/Cook. Visit her website or Etsy store to see and support her work.

Photography Galleries